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Off Base is an award-winning, multi-faceted agency and technology studio with offices located in Berkeley, California, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Bangkok, Thailand. Our one and only mission is to help our partners build their brands through stellar creative. Your work is our play.

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We're Different

We do not subscribe to the typical ad agency model and that is what sets us apart. We are happy to trek off the beaten path to find the perfect solution for your brands and projects.

Will Work For Games

Not really, but we are your demographic. Our team eats, sleeps, and breathes video games. Since we're all intimately familiar with your brands and IPs, there's no handholding required.

We're Always On

With offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand, we offer our clients 24-hour coverage. We know you need it “yesterday” and that is why we can get it to you tomorrow.

Show and Tell

Our creatives are immensely proud of their work and love what they do.
This is why we want to show it off to you!

State of Play

Moving Pictures Production

Prime Gaming

Branding & Messaging

Girls Make Games

Moving Pictures Production

Final Fantasy

Artbook & Soundtrack Applications


Market Research

Venture Valley

Website Design & Optimization


All Things Social

Tales of Zestiria

Digital Design & Creative/Specialized Production

Our Services

Yeah, we do that too... While we can't say we do it all, we are happy to say we come close.

It’s true—we are great storytellers and magic makers. In this world, your brand is the hero. More importantly, your hero needs a voice. Paramount to all, that voice deserves to be heard. Let us tell your story (spoiler alert: the bad guy gets it in the end).


Many claim to be “social gurus,” but few have the secret sauce (and the global resources) to pull it off. Editorial, influencers, paid social media and more—we create engaging content and execute flawless publishing schedules for some of the biggest brands in the world. #obluvsu


Our proven Preval™ game review service pairs our critical analysis methodology with our crack team of multi-faceted editors (hitting within 5% of Metacritic). We’ve also got the goods for focus groups/focus testing, research and analysis, data analytics and reporting—this is the stuff we geek out on.


From live event streaming to blockbuster trailers, from social stories to interstitials, from animation to computer graphics—we wear all the creative and production hats (oh, pre and post too!). You know the rolling credits that are nearly as long as the movies? We’ve got those skills and then some.


We like computers and technology. We like art. We like to "wow" people with creativity that makes them react and think. We do so by creating amazing digital and analog experiences. Oh, and we also really like chocolate chip ice cream.


Let’s be real—everyone’s got a website. But is it really you? Our partners and brands look to us to help bring their vision to digital life… from small (but really splashy) landing pages to whopping corporate refreshes. We got you, and we’ll help you do you.

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